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  5. "Their bags are purple."

"Their bags are purple."

Translation:As bolsas delas são roxas.

June 17, 2013



As bolsas deles são roxas should be right as well.


Why can't púrpura be pluralized?


Can someone answer this question: why is 'Suas bolsas sao purpuras" not correct? DL says the adjective purpura not purpuras, but , it is an adjective modifying bolsas which is plural...right?


Many colour words do not vary with gender or number. Usually they are the ones that describe the colour of a particular substance or object. A good example is orange which in full is "cor de laranja" (the colour of an orange) and you use: "sapato laranja", "sapatos laranja", "luva laranja" and "luvas laranja".

It turns out "púrpura" is one of these words and "cor de púrpura" is the colour of a secretion produced by a type of snail (strange as it may seem).


suas bolsas sao roxas... vs. as bolsas delas sao roxas... which is the more correct way to say it?


I think both are fine it's just a question of which is used more, but I'm not sure about that


Ok so now I am sure of that, DEFINITELY use "as bolsas delas". Get used to that form of the 3rd person possessive, because people will look at you funny if you use 'seu/sua' for anything other than 2nd. Speaking from experience


what about "as bolsas dela são roxas" is not that correct too?


I don't think so "dela" is singular....would have to be "delas"

I think your suggestion = "Her bags are purple".


Roxa/roxo? Why isn't this an accepted answer?


Because you have to match with the gender and number of the noun it's describing. One bolsa can be roxa, but several bolsas are roxas.


confusing..... eles is thiers


As a subject "Eles/elas" is they, but "de eles/elas" (of them) written "deles/delas" is a form of their.


What about "Voces bolos sao roxas?"


There are several problems with that: Firstly, "bolos" means cakes not bags (perhaps you meant "bolsos", but that's pockets not bags); secondly, "vocês" is a subject pronoun meaning you (plural) not a possessive pronoun; and thirdly, "bolos" is masculine so should be paired with "roxos" not "roxas".

Your sentence would make more sense as "As bolsas de vocês são roxas" (Your bags are purple) but it still doesn't translate Duolingo's English version.


thanks. way to go on your 967 day streak #OMG


seus sacos são roxo ~ where do you get plural on the colour...???


I'm not really sure what you are asking so apologies if this does not help.

When a colour is used as an adjective it can have up to four forms to match the gender and number of the noun it describes: "saco roxo, bolsa roxa, sacos roxos, bolsas roxas".

Note, some colours only vary with number: "saco/bolsa azul, sacos/bolsas azuis" and some don't vary at all: "saco(s)/bolsa(s) laranja".


suas = your/his/her/their

eles = they


Couldn't it also translate as, "As malas deles são roxas?"


Now look, on the previous question, I was supposed to translate "Your color is purple." I put "A cor de voce e roxa," and I got it wrong. I was supposed to put "Sua cor é roxa." On the very next question, the suggested answer is "As bolsas delas sao roxas." Although my answer, "Suas bolsas sao roxas" was accepted, the inconsistencies in this are making my head spin.


All of "dele", "dela", "deles", "delas" are valid possessive adjectives, but "de você", "de nós" etc. are not.


and "de vocês" and "da gente" are valid! =)


As bolsas deles sao roxas should be correct

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