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"Two languages are spoken in Friesland."

Translation:In Friesland worden er twee talen gesproken.

October 15, 2014



Couldn't we also say "Er worden in Friesland twee talen gesproken"?


er worden twee talen in friesland gesproken was rejected. Why?


Is "Twee talen worden in Friesland gesproken" correct?


It is more natural to start with the location.


Even so, is my translation technically correct? I will definitely make sure to use the suggested translation, but if mine is incorrect I would like to know why. :)


It depends on what is important in the sentence. It is fine to say "Het Nederlands wordt in vijf verschillende landen gesproken (Dutch is spoken in five different countries) because this sentence is mostly about the Dutch language.

"Twee talen" is a bit generic and it is more important that it is about Friesland. Maybe it would be correct to start with the two languages if they were introduced before. For example, "In Nederland worden vijf talen gesproken. Twee talen worden gesproken in Friesland en de andere worden in andere delen van het land gesproken. (Five languages are spoken in the Netherlands. Two languages are spoken in Friesland and the others are spoken in other parts of the country).


Ah, okay, that makes sense. :) Thanks!


Shouldn't this province be called by its official name: Fryslân? :D


Maybe it is better to build a Frisian course for that. Otherwise we would have to start saying Bundesrepublik Deutschland as well.


Well, what I mean is, officially in Dutch the name of Friesland was changed to Fryslân a few years ago. All official documents now mention "provincie Fryslân" for the Dutch version and "provinsje Fryslân" for the Frisian version. :)

see www.fryslan.frl the official website of the province of Fryslân...


"Op 1 januari 1997 werd de officiële naam van de provincie door de Friese Provinciale Staten veranderd van 'Friesland' in 'Fryslân'. In november 2004 besloot het Ministerie van Binnenlandse Zaken erop toe te zien dat de officiële naam in overheidsstukken ook consequent wordt gebruikt. In het Nederlandse taalgebruik blijft over het algemeen de naam Friesland in gebruik. Fryslân is echter de officiële naam."


Interesting... You are right that it is the official name, but it is not commonly used in Dutch (yet). The Duolingo course could be progressive and change the name, but that might cause confusion because it is written quite differently from other Dutch words and the phonology might also pose issues for learners and for the Text-To-Speech software. Even if learners manage to pick up the name correctly then it might make them sound strange to natives who still use "Friesland".

I think it would be nice if the course recognised the official name, but I am not sure if it is of much benefit yet.


Recognize the official names - wouldn't that mean the Dutch could no longer write and say, eg. "Londen"? The whole idea seems totally misguided to me.


Here you can give two correct answers in the Dutch language.

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