"Lo so."

Translation:I know.

June 17, 2013

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I'm still not understanding why it's 'I know'...? What is the 'lo' for? I thought 'lo' meant 'him' or 'it'?


Think of it as "I know it" or "I know this"


finally I get it. Thanks


But it marked me wrong for "I know that".


hey, the 'lo' is for what you know. if i'm telling you that the president is obama, you'll say "I know this/it" in proper english, and in italian the it/this is lo :)


@casey.zhu18 "Lo" means "it", so the translation should be "I know it", not "I know", because "I know" is "So"...


Io= io= I, while Lo= lo= him or it. In this sentence, Lo so= I know or I know ( it: it being understood). The the answer is " I know " (with "it" being understood). I hope this helps.


Is this what Han Solo says in the Italian dub of Star Wars?


Argh, I don't understand! Why is "I know him" not accepted?


@ dmmaus, you probably know the answer now, but for those just getting to this lesson that have the same question, 'I know him' requires the verb conoscere and would be said as 'lo conosco'.

Edited to fix a typo


Hi MariannaR you maked a little error 'lo conocsco' is not correct the correct words is 'lo conosco', but i am afraid that my english is wrong too.


Oops, a typo, thanks for catching it.


Hi MariannR what is "typo"? Is it an mistake as when we push two buttons with the same finger? In italian it is called "errore di battitura". Bye


Yes Emilio, a typo is a spelling error, due to my mistake in spelling or in accidentally hitting the wrong letters. It's short for 'typographical error', but the Italian way of saying it is much more descriptive.


Hi. MariannR is exactly correct. Just thought you might like to know as well that my colleagues and I often refer to the spelling mistake that occurs by hitting several keys at one time as the verb fat-finger, as in 'Oh, I probably fat-fingered that poorly spelled word ... ' ;-)


"so" means "i know", but more in the meaning of "understand". "I know him" in the meaning that he is familiar (acquaintance) you must use the verb conosco.


@dmmaus Because you wrote "lo conosco" and not "lo so"... anyway DL is incorrect, "I know it" means "lo so", "I know", just "so"... "lo" here is for "it".


Why do you need the lo? I though 'so' meant 'I know' without a pronoun


What is the function of 'lo' in this sentence? Any link to a good explanation of this clitics section would be much appreciated, all sections so far were mostly understandable, but I don't get the sentences and the discussions in this section :(

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    Agree this section is extremely difficult.


    "I know that" should also be accepted in my opinion


    that just came right after the "ti amo" sentence - not the most popular answer ;)


    It is if you're a Star Wars fan...


    It is if you are a Star Wars fan


    I learning that Italians don't like phrases like "I know," without something that indicates what it is that one knows. Still, it is funny when I imagine me saying "io so," and my interlocutor standing there thinking, "He knows... the combination to his gym locker, How many jellybeans fit in a shoebox, That a dogs mouth is cleaner than a humans???" And me responding to his quizzical expression with "IT, Pasquale... I know IT!!"


    Te amo. Lo so. Greatest line in film hsitory.


    I don't really like this pronunciation;. It's supposed to sound like (low-So) not (lu-So).


    How can I say just "I know" in Italian, not "I know it"? In everyday English there can be even slight difference if you say "I know" or "I know (specificly) it". Can I say just "So" in everyday Italian conversation to indicate that I generally know the topic?


    I believe we don't really have two different ways to say "I know" and "I know it". You'd just say "lo so" in both cases and that would be correct. I guess the voice tone would play its role in emphasizing whether you know IT or you just know.

    Saying just "so" would sound really weird and unnatural.


    Shouldn't "I know it" be accepted?


    I wrote “ I know it”, and was marked wrong.


    Why isn't 'I know that' acceptable esp. since 'that'is an option for 'lo'?

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