"Vla eten is geen kunst."

Translation:Eating custard is not an art.

October 15, 2014


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Some would beg to differ.

October 15, 2014


I Fully disagree to literally translate this expression into English! Why not eg ' Eating custard is no big deal' ?

November 17, 2014


I believe they left it with the literal translation as ¨geen kunst¨ & ¨not an art¨ seem to be a shared idiom between English and Dutch, also I could use a sentence ¨doing something is not an art¨ to imply that the person is being to cautious or being a perfectionist in the way they are doing said task, whereas you wouldn't be able to use ¨is not difficult¨ in this situation.

March 2, 2015


Story time: Once, during my visit in the Netherlands, which took place couple of years ago, I found a box of vla in our host's fridge, and my mid-European brain thought to itself: "Wow, I didn't know they call milk vla in Dutch."

I think you can imagine my face after I tried to dump it in my drink.

July 8, 2017


in the beginning of this exercise, vla was pie and now it is not accepted here

March 24, 2016


You're probably confused with vlaai.

March 24, 2016


vlAAAA not vlà

September 8, 2019

<h1>1) Who still calls flan 'custard'? #2) correct "Eating flan is no trick.' I only hear 'custard' from outlanders (non-Californians & San Franciscans)</h1>
June 14, 2016

June 14, 2016
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