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Spanish vs. French lesson quality

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Quasi-native Spanish speaker here: I've been using the Duo lessons to brush up my Spanish vocab/grammar, having not spoken it much in many years (probably high B2/low C1 level). I'm finding myself extremely frustrated by the literalness of the translations required in many cases: I keep phrasing things in ways the software won't accept, and I'm don't think I'm totally off base.

This seems to happen to me much less often in French, which I don't speak nearly as well. I was wondering if this has been the experience of other users doing Duo for both languages. Is there a real difference in the quality of the Duo material in French vs. Spanish, or is it the tendency of native speakers to favor idiosyncratic/less literal translations (or is it just that my Spanish a lot rustier than I think it is?)? Thoughts?

4 years ago

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I've been studying Spanish for 12 years now, and I totally agree with the very literal translations. It's not that the quality of Spanish is bad on here, it's probably just because you're a native speaker, and that causes a lot of changes. I've only taken two years of French, and it almost seems easier on Duo, but the Spanish translations are just a little too literal. Keep your head up, and keep going. Even if you get frustrated with the translations, just try to change your perspective to the designers of Duo. Good luck!

4 years ago