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"We were a bit concerned about the weather."

Translation:We waren een beetje bezorgd om het weer.

October 15, 2014



I typed "gezorgd" and Duo accepted it, mentioning I had a typo in my answer, and that it should be "bezorgd".

I did actually mean " gezorgd", would that be incorrect here?


Yes it would. "Gezorgd" is the past participle of "zorgen". For example, "jij hebt voor de kinderen gezorgd" (you have taken care of the children).


Why is om used here and not over for instance?


"Over" would be better. With "om" means you are concerned because of the weather, but not about the weather. For example about your child being able to bike home through the storm, even though it's just a regular storm


Thanks Hugo.. I am not sure I quite understand the difference but I appreciate your help.


Wanneer worden "bezorgd om" en "bezorgd over" gebruikt? Zijn er specifieke gevallen waarin men ze gebruiken moet?


we waren een beetje bezorgd over het weer?

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