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  5. "Which cats are they?"

"Which cats are they?"

Translation:Welke katten zijn het?

October 15, 2014



"welke katten zijn ze?" Why is wrong?


Since when does "they" translate as "het"?


In English, "it" plural is "they". In Dutch, "it" plural is "it". I figured that all or most animals, including humans, reproduce sexually, and have male and female, the pronouns "hij" and "zij" would be appropriate for them. If the answer we are given here is correct, it would seem that "hij" and "zij" are reserved for humans. If so, I would consider the usage misguided, but if that is how the word is used, it is what it is, and we can either go along or try to change it.


How do children learn these rules? There must be an easier way.


Can someone please explain how you can tell whether to use 'welke' or 'welk'? Does it have anything to do with how adjectives are modified in German?


Here is the grammar explanation: https://www.duolingo.com/comment/3888221

The use of "zij" looks slightly odd to me. I think it should be "Welke katten zijn het".


Isn't "het" singular for "it " and "katten" is plural so we can use "they" in English. It is always "welke" for "de" words and plurals are always "de" words. I took the stress off the pronoun by using "ze" and "Welke katten zijn ze?" was accepted.


You can find an explanation for the use of "het" as "they" in this topic:



"Welke katten zijn ze" NOT accepted 7/3 2020. Reporting


I don't understand this sentence... Which cats are they? Do they mean Who's cats are they? Like who do these cats belong to? Or they meant "Which cats are theirs?" or they meant "Which are the cats we are looking for?"


An easier translation might be "Which cats are you talking about?" Or, "Which cats do you mean?"


Zij zijn welke katten was marked wrong? Can someone explain?


Back translation: "They are which cats?" This is a different sentence from "Which cats are they?"

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