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  5. "Manden ligger på sengen."

"Manden ligger sengen."

Translation:The man is lying on the bed.

October 15, 2014



I'm pretty sure there's another question where "på sengen" is translated as "IN the bed" and when I wrote "ON the bed", it was not accepted. In this question here, it is translated as "ON the bed" and "IN the bed" is not accepted.


This translation is correct, the other on was not. På sengen=on the bed. I sengen=in the bed


I wonder how long it takes before someone wants "The man is laying on the bed" to be accepted as a translation. Yuck.


Funnily enough, that has been reported several times and was reported when I just checked now

[deactivated user]

    A lot of Danes (perhaps even most Danes) don't distinguish between ligge and lægge in Danish either, many not even having the verb at lægge in their active vocabulary.

    Strangely, no one has any problems with stå/stille or sidde/sætte.


    It got me confused.


    why not -The man lays on the bed Just checked 1. lie on the bed 2. lay something else down on the bed


    Using a progressive form for something passive (lying) could imply that someone is not telling the truth: Han lyver på sengen ;-)

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