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"Ella ha presentado su idea."

Translation:She has presented her idea.

3 years ago



"She has presented her idea." "She has presented your idea."

I work in an agency where it's important to be able to say both of these things. How would you distinguish between the two in Spanish?

2 years ago

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People here usually say that the conversational context will make it clear. And with "she" as the subject, "her idea" is probably assumed, or perhaps you could use something like "su propia idea" (her own idea).

However, the grammatical pattern for clarifying possessive adjectives is def. art. + noun + de + pron. So, her idea = la idea de ella; your (singular) idea = la idea de usted; your (plural) idea = la idea de ustedes.
"Su idea" could also mean his idea (la idea de él) and their idea (la idea de ellos/as).

2 years ago


I could not hear the word "idea". It sounded like ivera to me

3 years ago


to me, idea is clear, but ha is lost in the end of ella

3 years ago


That's super common. The h is silent so 'ha' gets swallowed pretty hard if there's an a before it.

10 months ago

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True I listened to this over and again. Trying different things in translators until I finally just stumbled on it.

Then I went to Spanishdict.com and listened/watched the video. The 'd' has a d/v kind of sound. As does it on this exercise.

3 years ago