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"Pingvinen satte grisene i stolene."

Translation:The penguin put the pigs in the chairs.

October 15, 2014



That's metaphorical, I guess. Penguin -> tailcoat -> waiter, pigs -> not the most pleasant guests?


I like this explanation :)


I think it would be more customary to say that the pigs were put "on" the chairs in English.


Lynne Truss says it is wrong but in the North of England, it is normal to say, "The pig was sat on a chair." This is an example of how one language affects the languages around it. America has imported words from German, Japanese, and Hawaiian. England has adopted words from Hindi, Arabic, and Italian. French and Italians use English words.


The answer "The penguin sat the pigs in the chairs." is accepted, but "The penguin set the pigs in the chairs." is not.

As far as I know, the verb "to set" is appropriate here, and the simple past tense (imperfect) of that is "set". The forms are "set, set, set".

So why is "The penguin set the pigs in the chairs." wrong?

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