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  5. "Har du det?"

"Har du det?"

Translation:Do you have it?

October 15, 2014



So if we are talking about the newspaper for ex, and we say : You have a newspaper - Du har en avis. " en avis" becomes "it", we ask " Do you have it?" -Har du det? and "det" is used as both "it" or "that" ....my question is, can we ever use "det"¨or "den" as "that" ( i know from the previous lesson that when you want to put an article to the word you put "-en" or "-et" at the end of the word - avisen; vandet ; etc) and put it like this in front of the word,for ex : "Har du den avis?" ???


Someone else (I forget who) posted this on another discussion thread:

This: Denne/dette/disse (written)/Den/det/de her (spoken)

That: Den/det/de (der)


We put the "en" or "et" at the end. En avis, avisen. Et dyr, dyret.


What is the difference between den and det? :/


the same difference as between common-en names and neutral-et names see basic 1 tips


For questions, do you invert the subject and the verb?


I'm only a beginner so I may be wrong, but I remember question order as action-subject-object.


Memories of Swedish...


This is about den/det. If you have not previously said what word will be "it", and never will, then does it matter if you switch den/det? In this sentence, "it" could be an apple or a newspaper. How do you know which one to use?


Why on earth is "have you it" not accepted ? At this point the problem is no longer to understand danish but to figure how to write the sentence in english. Then it becomes an english lesson. And I am not here to learn english

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