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30-day Streak Ends With Mobile Sync Failure =(

Hey I've been noticing that duolingo mobile is having trouble staying in sync when you have a spotty network connection (even if you have a very good connection later on).

I had a pretty good streak going (~28 days) so I'm very sad about this.

Anyway, I still love duolingo, just wanted to let you know that the mobile app tends to lose your progress when you get the message about syncing failed and that you should re-open the app later to sync the progress.

I'm using:

  • iPhone 4S
  • AT 14.1 (around NYC)
  • iOS 6.1.3
  • Duolingo 1.3.2 (according to the app store, couldn't find this in the app)
June 17, 2013



Hi! First, I'm very sorry about this. It sounds like you completed an offline lesson and we didn't add it to your streak. Currently, we don't add any offline lessons to your streak (this is going to be clearly communicated and altered soon). Sorry for this confusion! A 28 day streak is impressive.


Are you sure? I could swear there are days in that last streak that I only did lessons on my phone.

More importantly... the lessons I did on the phone, are not being shown as completed on the phone or duolingo.com (the progress seems to have been lost) I've since re-done them though


I'm happy to hear that offline lessons will be added to your streak soon. Here's a scenario I'm curious about--say you did offline lessons for, like, 2 or 3 days, and never once connected to the internet in that time (yes, you'd be stuck with a pretty small selection of lessons). On the website, it would show that your streak had ended. If you then synced after a couple days, would it bring back your streak?

I ask this because I'm going to be driving across Canada in a couple months, and I certainly don't know if I'll find wi-fi every day. The video game player in me gets sad the idea of my streak ending. :)

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