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  5. 25 xp out of nowhere


25 xp out of nowhere

I'm not complaining.. But it sure is an issue

October 15, 2014



This has happened to me as well, on the website it shows I have earned more xp today than on the app. At first I thought it might be a time difference issue but the other days this week show the same same xp as the app. It might be about 25, not sure. Edit: just checked, it is 24 xp.


I've got random 13 xp today after my first exercise. No extras after that.


I got 24 xp as well


Hi - can you guys elaborate a little more on what's happening? You log on and already have n XP for the day when you haven't done anything yet?

We recently (with the Coach feature) changed the graph so that it is displayed with respect to your account time as opposed to your local time, meaning it might appear that you've already been credited with XP that you believe you earned last night, but it was after your account time's midnight and therefore counted for today.


In my case I did a few lessons and practice on the Android app, after the last lesson it showed I had earned 80xp, then came to the site and it showed that I had earned 104xp. The day before though, on both the app and the site, It showed I had earned 45xp which was correct. Edit: today both show I have earned 36xp which is correct. Just Wednesday it happened.


I get 30+xp for literally no reason out of nowhere? I just logged in and it says I have 33xp despite not doing anything today? And same thing happened on monday even though it doesn't count it in the how much xp i earned this week


This is happening to me too, every day this week it shows that I have done something before I do anything, started happening after daylight saving started here in Australia- it is happening to my husband too. I don't really care as I am just trying to learn Italian and I am not fussed about scores- it's just weird!


They are not really there! i found them then continued the remaining 25 xp to reach my goal 50 xp then woke up the next day finding that i lost my streak for not reaching the target :/

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