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  5. "I eat an orange."

"I eat an orange."

Translation:Ithim oráiste.

October 15, 2014



Does the pronunciation for oráiste rhyme with páiste?


Finally, a word that rhymes with orange. I've been waiting all of my English speaking life for this!


It interesting that the name means both the color and the fruit, just like in english.


Flannbhuí is also used for the colour orange. It comes from "flann" meaning blood-red, and "buí" meaning yellow. So it's sort of a red-yellow. The orange on the Irish flag is flannbhuí, not oráiste. I've always considered flannbhuí to be a deeper orange colour, but I'm not sure if this is universal. Similar to the difference between glas and uaine for different shades of green. Glas is for natural or darker shades, uaine for artificial, dyed, or brighter shades of green.

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