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"Does somebody know what time it is?"

Translation:Qualcuna sa che ora è?

June 17, 2013



Why is it "qualcuna"?


Why not qualcuno sa che ora e


I wrote qualcuno and it was accepted


Why is it wrong to say this, "Qualcuno sa l'ora?"


I think there are two reasons.

  1. While they do use the concept of counting hours in stead of just time as in English it is only at 1 o'clock you can use the singular form, - all other times it's le ore.

  2. As time is an uncountable noun, just like sand, love and water it makes perfect sense to ask for the time in English, - but as hours are countable you would rather ask how many are they.

What time is it? = Che ore sono?

If you would say "Someone know the hour?" you would probably be understood, - but also identified as a foreigner.


I don't think it should be. Bump this. 30 July 2019

Qualcuno sa l'ora?


Another exercise is Porto sempre un orologio per sapere l'ora, see https://forum.duolingo.com/comment/164858


I am not clear on what the rules are for use of "cosa" or "che" for "what". An help?


What about "Sa qualcuno quante ore sono?" Not accepted, but I'm not sure why.


There are several problems with this statement, it is a bit lika saying
Know somebody how many hours are

Does somebody know = Qualcuno/-a sa
what time it is = what hour it is = che ora è


We say : Qualcuno sa che ore sono ?


This was marked wrong: C'è qualcuno chi sa l'ora? I think this answer should be accepted - can anyone offer feedback?


It has already been asked but without answer so I'll ask again just in case someone sees...why is it che and not cosa?


Is "Sa qualcuno che ora è?" a male kind to speak? And is "Qualcuna sa che ora è?" a female kind to speak? Am I right? And if I am not would someone help me to understand why? (I hope my English is not too bad to express my problem.)


It is not at all related to the speaker's gender.

qualcuno is anybody without referring to a specific gender.

Maybe you can say qualcuna if you are speaking to several women, but as an amateur learner of Italian I am not sure.


Thanks you so much, I see it also this way. :-)


My understanding is that ore is used when counting or measuring time (as here) but tempo is used more for the concept of time (eg do you have time for this). Could anyone clarify?


Ore is more or less the "o'clock" of the Italian language. It also means "hour" as in "it takes 3 hours to get there" (Ci vuole 3 ore per andare lì). It can also mean "now" : "Quando se non ora ?" ("When if not now?") and is used in the expression "Non vedo l'ora [di ...]" : "I can't wait [to ...]". When you talk about the time on a clock, always use ore. Tempo is more abstract, it could mean "weather" (Che bel tempo !), the time it takes to do something (Quanto tempo ci vuole per arrivare ?), "epoch" : (Inquesti tempi, la gente non faceva così) ("In those times, people didn't do that"), and is used in this expression : "Poco tempo fa", "Some time ago".


That is also my understanding, but I am not in a position to confirm it.


...Does anybody really care (about time).


Non posso immaginare perché


I am dating myself. Ma..... There was an old Chicago tune... da da da da da DA--Qualcuno (chiunque?) sa veramente che ora e'? (mi scusi ----self-isolation to protect us all from the COVID19 virus is making me a little Pazzi or e' (Pazzo?).


C'e qualquno chi sa che ora e? Why is it wrong?


Why is "Sa qualcuno che ore sono?" incorrect?


Why not: "Qualcuno che conosce che ora e?"


The "che" is unnecessary here. The other problem is that "conoscere" means to know in the sense of being acquainted with, while "sapere" means to know in the sense of having knowledge of. Sapere would be the verb to use in this sentence.


What's wrong with "qualcuno sapete che ora è"?


Qualcuno is third person singular, and sapete is second person plural, so the subject and verb don't agree.


Is it wrong to put 'sa' first?


No. That is fine.


Since the subject can precede or follow the verb in Italian why is "sa qualcuno che ora e," marked wrong?


again DL for your knowledge in ENGLISH the correct way to say this would be Does anyone know what time it is


It's better to report it than complain but you're right. We'd say anyone.


Does anybody really care?


If so, I can't imagine why. We've all got time enough to cry.

(I suspect your downvoters are too young to know those lyrics.)


My diamond watch has broken..


It's Chicago "Does anybody really know what time it is?" I had to think a minute. I'm 41.

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