"Does somebody know what time it is?"

Translation:Qualcuna sa che ora è?

June 17, 2013



What about "Sa qualcuno quante ore sono?" Not accepted, but I'm not sure why.

March 10, 2014


Why is it wrong to say this, "Qualcuno sa l'ora?"

October 16, 2014


My understanding is that ore is used when counting or measuring time (as here) but tempo is used more for the concept of time (eg do you have time for this). Could anyone clarify?

November 19, 2013


Ore is more or less the "o'clock" of the Italian language. It also means "hour" as in "it takes 3 hours to get there" (Ci vuole 3 ore per andare lì). It can also mean "now" : "Quando se non ora ?" ("When if not now?") and is used in the expression "Non vedo l'ora [di ...]" : "I can't wait [to ...]". When you talk about the time on a clock, always use ore. Tempo is more abstract, it could mean "weather" (Che bel tempo !), the time it takes to do something (Quanto tempo ci vuole per arrivare ?), "epoch" : (Inquesti tempi, la gente non faceva così) ("In those times, people didn't do that"), and is used in this expression : "Poco tempo fa", "Some time ago".

March 21, 2014


That is also my understanding, but I am not in a position to confirm it.

December 21, 2013


Why not qualcuno sa che ora e

February 5, 2019


Does anybody really care?

September 8, 2016
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