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"Ik moet ook een paspoort aanvragen."

Translation:I also need to apply for a passport.

October 15, 2014



Is "ook" used as in "this is another thing that I need to do" or "I also need to do this thing"? Or is it both?


It can be either, yes.


No problem!. However, it is either "Dank je!" or "Bedankt!", but not "Bedankt je!". :)

That is because "Dank je" is short for "Ik dank je" (I thank you) and "Bedankt" is short for "Je bent bedankt" (you are thanked). You can't mix them up freely!


FYI, Je bent bedankt in full is mostly used in a sarcastic way when somebody messes something up, the emphasis is on bedankt in that case. So it's like saying thank you for messing that up…sigh…


Another good way to describe it is that "bedankt" is third-person singular of "bedanken". In English, "bedankt" would literally be "thanks". And of course we cannot say "Thanks you!" so it's a good way to check if you're using it correctly. :)


I feel like it should also accept, "I must also apply for a passport."


"Ask for a passport" is not correct? Is it wrong English?

  • Vragen - Ask for
  • Aanvragen - Request/apply for

'Aanvragen' is something you do with official documents, such as passports/permits/certificates etc.


Can this sentence also be 'ik moet ook vraag een paspoort aan'? (or something like that)


"Ik moet ook een paspoort aanvragen". The final verb always comes at the end of the sentence, unless it's a question:

  • Vraag ik ook een paspoort aan?


How about " Ik vraag ook een paspoort aan"? Could this work? Something like that would mean: "I'm also applying for a passport", right? (Non-dutch speaker)


Yep, that sentence sounds perfectly normal. Except then it's more of a statement.


what if I say "moet je ook een paspoort aanvragen?" is it ok? or should I order the words differently?


I'm not Dutch but I'd take the punt and say that's a proper sentence! In my head I translated it to "Do you also need to apply for a passport?" which works just fine. Only problem is, I'm a year late! Sorry haha I felt like answering anyway.


How funny it is to see a question one posted more than 18 months before ;) You get to see how much you've learned, assess your own progress, sort of.

Thanks for your reply, anyway. Even if I already know the answer to that, it's the intention what counts :)


Haha! I've been putting Dutch on the backburner for too long now, but I always reply because while you probably don't need the answer anymore, someone else like me might :) Veel succes met het leren :D


"I also have to apply for a passport" What do you think, is this also the correct answer.I always translate "moet"= have to.


Couldn't you also say?:

  • Ik heb ook behoefte aan een paspoort aanvragen
  • Ik hoef ook een paspoort aanvragen
  • Ik heb ook een paspoort te aanvragen


Not Dutch myself so don't quote me on this but I would think the first two are incorrect and the third might give a different meaning. A Dutch friend told me that the verb "hoeven" is only used when negating (i.e. "ik hoef niet..."). As for "behoeven", I've never come across this verb, but even so this sentence looks very strange grammatically. With the third I'm not sure, if I translated this in my head I would think "I also have a passport to apply for" which doesn't sound normal. It sounds as if I already possess said passport. One last thing; if you want to be really literal, "moeten" directly translates to "must" which is used much less commonly in English, but still exists. There is a big difference between "I have something to do" versus "I have to do something". I don't know, but I'm posting this anyway on the off chance it helps someone. :P


Ok thanks! I never knew that about hoeven. I thought I saw behoeven aan in the course somewhere and behoefte seems like it would work according to https://en.wiktionary.org/wiki/behoefte#Dutch , but I'm not sure. The last one I don't know if hebben...te can be used as 'have to' or not so it's probably wrong.

EDIT: Apparently in my notes from awhile ago I wrote that hebben te means 'have to' so idk.


Why isn't it correct to say: I have to have to apply for a passport


Because you said have to have to


I see, thank you! So you can say, I have to apply for a passport. Is that correct?


Yes you can, though you also need to translate ook/also.


Sorry, of course.

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