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"That is definitely the smallest tree."

Translation:Dat is zeker de kleinste boom.

October 15, 2014



Why 'dat' and not 'die' if it is referring to the tree?


In constructions like "It is ... ", " That is ... ", These are ... ", Dutch always uses the singular het-form of the determiners, regardless of the noun. So it will always be "Het is ... ", "Dat is ... " and "Dit zijn ... ".


Als de boom de kleinste is, dan kan het toch een boompje zijn?


Why is shortest tree wrong? Small tree are usually referred to as short, right?


As a non native English and Dutch speaker I am not sure if Duos translation here is correct. "Zeker" (I am sure that it is) is for me not the same as "definitely" (It IS). Am I right with this?

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