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  5. "Ja, han er en dreng."

"Ja, han er en dreng."

Translation:Yes, he is a boy.

October 15, 2014



When the TTS says the entire sentence, "Ja" sounds like "Ye". However, if you hover over the word "Ja" specifically, it says "Ya".

Which one is correct?


It is the Ja said in the full sentence, which is most correct. The other Ja sounds unnatural, and I can not think of any case where you would say it like that


Thank you very much. Are you a native Danish speaker?


Yeah, I am born and bred in Denmark. I was very enthusiastic when I found out Duolingo was making a Danish course, so here I am trying to help others, and maybe learn a little by the way :P


Thanks for your answer. Pronunciation is difficult. As an English speaker its hard to connect the words that are seen with what is heard. I think we will be a very "needy" group of learners!


consonants clusters are difficult to pronunce


If i listen the sentence and low speed voice i hear "en" if is high-speed i don't so how i recognized if is "er en dreng"or is "er drengen".


dreng and drengen are pronounced differently, aren't they?


Just for clarification purposes, the difference in pronunciation between Ja and Jeg is that Ja is pronounced like "Ye" and Jeg is pronounced like "Ya"?


I din't find any differences in them. Ja can be pronounced like "ye" and "jeg". At least my teacher never said that any of those forms is wrong :D


Jeg sounds rather like yay.


Thank you so much. Very helpful.


I think it's a bit like Yes/Yeah, pronouncing "Ja" is maybe a bit more correct/formal but pronouncing "Ye" is quite alright (but I hope a Dane will confirm)

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