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Windows phone version

Hello. I've recently started using Duolingo and I think it's great. I see this website also has Android and iPhone support, but where is the Windows phone version? Are you guys planning to make one any time soon? :)

June 17, 2013



Something we're thinking about!


Microsoft has made many billions by aggressively leveraging their monopoly on the desktop. I would suggest they could donate a miniscule fraction of this pile of money towards the full cost of development of a windows phone version. In the meantime I think there are many more valuable ways that the duolingo team can spend their existing, limited resources.


I would prefer Duolingo to invest its time and effort on something that would benefit a larger set of users. Unless, of course, the proportion of Windows phone users are big enough or it has unlimited amounts of money to spend on the service. Since I don't think that is the case, please, consider some of the other issues/suggestions that many more users could benefit from first. :)


It is easy to say ditch the WP version for someone who doesnt have WP. But in the end there are many many people who would love to practice on their mobile phones and who now cant, so if the WP version comes into development all the duolingo WP users, including me, would be extremely grateful. (some WP users even might not know how great is the duolingo phone app, just borrow iphones or androids from your friends and test it)

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