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Learning two languages from Spanish

Hi, I'm spanish and i want to learn German from begining and improve my inglish, is that posible? from now im learning German like inlglish speaker.. could i lern the two from spanish ..? Gracias, thanks, Danke :P

April 28, 2012



Sorry to hear that, well good for english at least ajaj, why did you specifi 'American' , does it have more synonymous than the Uk english?


Unfortunately this website is made only for english speakers. Only English->Spanish or English->German. Nothing more.


So i have double work giodec, i cannot learn more german than my english level , this mean basic German ajaj , well i have to work on english too


I'm spanish too, and as you im learning german, so i think it's possible 'cause the english is at the level of the german starter... well, xcuse my english

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