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Friend People on Duolingo Without Facebook

I would like to suggest a way to make friends on Duolingo without using Facebook. Here's the thing: I don't have a Facebook, and I don't plan on using one. I have no use for it. Quite a few of my friends don't have a Facebook either, though a couple do plan on getting one. But since I don't even want a Facebook, my only way to contact them is with my phone. Plus, I'm not sure if they'd be interested in learning German with me. But the people on Duolingo are very intellectual, and I would enjoy learning German with them if I could friend them without using Facebook. I'm not sure how many people on this website do have a Facebook, but I'm sure that those who don't might feel the same that I do. Maybe we could make a Duolingo chat-room, a place just to make friends on the website. If anybody feels the same that I do, please tell me, and maybe we can work something out. Thanks!

June 17, 2013



Making it easier to find interesting people to follow is something we're working on. For now, if you're in the discussion and see someone you'd like to follow you can do so by clicking on their username or avatar and selecting 'add friend' in their profile.


Thank you for telling me, but like I said, is there a way we could talk to them somehow, or what?


Yeah through your stream, but it would be nice to have a seperate little window on your home page where you can message other users.


Not as in instant messaging. For now you can only post on their 'stream'.


Um, thanks for telling me about this "stream" thing, but what is that exactly?


http://www.duolingo.com/# next to your language skill tree there is a stream tab.


7 years ago and still nothing?

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