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  5. "The ducks eat the bread."

"The ducks eat the bread."

Translation:De eenden eten het brood.

October 16, 2014



When to use Het and when to use De???? I thought "de" would be appropriate both times in this sentence, but I got it wrong -- should have been "het brood"


When a noun is plural, it always uses the definite article "de." "The bread" is singular, so you must use its respective definite article, "het."


Bread is plural though. You say bring me those loaves of bread, not breads.


When a noun is plural, it always use the definite article "de". For example, het boek, de boeken. Het kind, de kinderen. Het meisje, de meisjes.

When a noun has "je" at the end, it always use "het". (Which also means, it is usually singular when a noun ends with "je") For example, de klok, het klokje. Het meisje (de meisjes), het hondje.

But, it is not always "het" for singular noun. (De broek, de jurk, de kip, de tomaat, etc..) However, it is always "de" for plural noun.

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