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Discrepancy (number of lessons in a skill)

EDIT: Apparently I am in a test group so just disregard this post.

Screenshot from my android app:

Screenshot from my pc:

October 16, 2014



They recently changed the numbers of lessons needed to do a skill on the web version. Or it may be an A/B test. I think you answer more questions in each, but the app still has the old number. It works anyway so don't worry.


I see from the image of the web site for Adjectives 1 that their is 8 lessons indicated. But how many lessons are shown when you enter the Adjectives 1 skill? Is it just the count that is incorrect on the home page or are you missing one lesson completely?

PS on my system there are 9 lessons in the Spanish Adjectives skill on both the web interface and the iOS App.


One lesson is missing.


Spanish Adjective 1, I actually have 10 for some reason.

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