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Hearing colours?

I have been given the sentence yo oigo los colores which translates as I hear the colours. As far as I know, we cannot hear colours - is there a better translation?

September 22, 2012



was the man on acid or shrooms cause purple smells super and red is obnoxiously loud when i eat magic mushrooms


Aren't elephants mammals? Mammals drink their mother's milk, right?


Some people can hear colours and forms. It's a psychological phenomenon. Check Daniel Tammet in his presentation below. The guy even learned Icelandic in just 1 week. Very interesting! http://www.ted.com/talks/daniel_tammet_different_ways_of_knowing.html


I read his book "Born on a Blue Day" a few years ago. I would recommend it.


Hello genielynau, sometimes I think the sentences used in the lessons on this site don't make a lot of sense simply because they are trying to find out whether or not you actually know what the words mean. It's the same idea as elephants drinking milk, which of course we all know that they don't.

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