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"Quelle scarpe l'avrebbero portata alla fine della gara."

Translation:Those shoes would have taken her to the end of the race.

June 17, 2013



Why is 'him' wrong?


Because it says "portatA" rather than "portatO", meaning that the l' is shortened from la (and not lo), I think. If the shoes had taken HIM, the sentence would be: "Quelle scarpe l'avrebbero portato alla fine della gara"


"You say portata, I say portato; you say tomata, I say tomato."


I misread the question. I failed to make the transition from the shoes and the female


I would like to know, is the phrase 'portare alla fine della gara' a proverbial / idiomatic expression meaning 'to last a long time', or is meant to be taken only in a literal sense?


I wrote those shoes would have brought her to the end of the race. Isn't taken a synonym for brought?


This seems an extremely convoluted sentence. Would anyone say this in English? Does it mean that those shoes will last her until the end of the race?


my answer was - those shoes would have worn until the end of the race - No good?


Duolingo probably wanted you to express that the verb had a feminine object (l'avrebbero portatA).


I am surprised that a verb which takes avere as an auxiliary must agree with the object -- I forget, is this a general rule? Or does it apply to only certain verbs? I remember that verbs that take essere must agree with the subject, but I don't remember when this one applies.


It's like in French - the participle agrees if there's a preceding direct object (in this case la).


Thanks! It's great when there are consistent rules behind these things


Am I the only one who sees this as inappropriately going from plural to singular


Which bit do you think ought to be plural?


Well, I originally read it as speaking about the shoes throughout ( le avrebbero portato(e) was how I thought it should read. Upon rereading it, I discovered that the shoes were taking the female to the end of the race. I had misread it.


I'm beginning to think this app is a waste of my time. It seems to be the same thing over and over. Where is the vocabulary enrichment?


Little by little you will learn and it will sink in. Duolingo is one tool in the toolbox use it correctly and it'll do the job. There are other resources out there that will assist with enrichment. Use all the tools in the box to become a craftsmen

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