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Your favorite phrase today?

Thought it might be cool to make a thread about our favorite phrases that we learn everyday on duolingo.

Today I just really dug Las sugundos del la dia.

Or something like that. Probably not getting it right. It means the seconds of the day in spanish. Thought it might make a good telenova.

I also liked a sentence I was able to put together myself after the I completed the animal section.

Un pato come mi pantalones. It's good to know how to say that in case it happens.

So what's your favorite phrases that you learned today?

4 years ago



Los segundos del día. Segundo is masculine, as is día despite the final A. Del is a contraction of "de el", so you would never say "del la something" even if it had been feminine. It would make a good book or movie title!

I learned yesterday that a calico cat is a "gata mariposa" in Spanish, a "butterfly cat".

4 years ago

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los segundos del día

el día = masculine

segundo is masculine or femine, but in this case, I believe it is masculine.

Favorite phrase? Let's just say I hate habrá, habrás, habrámos, habrán amongst other verb conjugations but I did enjoy mi madre había cocinado la sopa de tortuga or something like that.

DuoLingo is obviously cruel and unjust. Why not "la sopa de búho?"

4 years ago


I'd be careful with Pato and mis pantelones, pato is used very commonly as a derogatory term, and you adding your pants in the mix... ay dios mio, people can get the wrong idea.

i am at work right now, and my favorite phrase here is "No me molestes"

4 years ago

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Others have pointed out the mistakes in your first sentence, so I'll point out that a pair of pants is just pantalón. Your sentence would thus have to be "Un pato come mi pantalón" or "Un pato come mis pantalones", depending on how many pants are being eaten.

4 years ago


I can see I'm gonna have to be very careful to avoid the innuendo. haha.

I'm currently plugging my way through household stuff in spanish.

Will let you guys know what my phrase is when I get done.

4 years ago


Alright, alright, today I did households and sizes and recapped clothing.

My favorite phrase was, "El tiene un libro y una cartera."

He has a book and a wallet. In case you wanna mug somebody buy you also wanna make sure your accomplice gets that interesting book he's holding.

And in case you're on the other side of the interaction: "Tengo mi cartera!" Which means I have my wallet, but I'm guessing would also work for, "Have my wallet!" As in, don't stab me! Have my wallet!

Not sure.

4 years ago