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Anyone living in Ireland want to correspond?

I'm looking for a "snail mail" pen pal in Ireland. (I'm in the U.S.) Is anyone interested? Anyone will do, but I would prefer someone with common interests, of course. A housewife in her fifties who likes gardening, tea, books (mostly fantasy novels and 'cosy' mysteries), languages, history, and good movies would be nice. Even better if she's a bit of a geek that plays tabletop rpgs and loves Middle Earth. OK, I just described myself - but if you see even a smidgen of yourself in that description maybe we could correspond? We could start with just one letter per season, maybe. Anyone? Let me know here, then "follow" me and I'll send an email address so we can exchange physical addresses. Thanks.

October 16, 2014


[deactivated user]

    Hi; I fit a few of these: housewife in my 40s, enjoys gardening, books (mostly nonfiction, but some historical fiction, mainstream fiction, and fantasy, too), movies (though I don't get out much) and a tabletop board game geek (I'm active on BGG). I'm an American - born and raised in Michigan (I have a grown daughter in MN), but I married an Irishman, moved to Ireland, and became an Irish citizen last month (yay!)


    Perfect !! I'll add you and post my email there! Congratulations on becoming a citizen! Oh, and I'm on BGG, too. Haven't been on the forums in ages, but I'll let you know my username there, too. :)

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