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Is there a way to stop someone from following you?

I don't mean to block someone per se, but if you just want to clean up your followers. Maybe some are no longer active users or you just have too many. Is there a way to do this?

June 17, 2013



I DON'T want to be followed except by people I approve. It is quite creepy to find strangers you know nothing about watching you, I have recently spent some time going through and blocking people - I don't want to offend them by blocking them - most don't deserve the insult of being blocked as they just want inspiration - but I want control over my Duolingo account and over who might be watching me, and there appears to be no other way of stopping a follower at the moment other than the extreme measure of blocking, and you have to keep doing it every time someone follows you. Please give us better privacy Duolingo!


Second the motion.


Shouldn't there be though?


I want to prevent someone from following me!!!! How do I do this!!! Duolingo you need this feature!!!


Or at least select whose stream updates show up in your stream; minimize stream spam.


You will only see updates from your followers if you follow them back.


yeah just think that the person whom u are iretated with is not following u and if he or she is sending messages dont answer


This is a HUUUUUGGGGGE problem for me that I can't block people from following me (and my kids). I have children using this and we CAN NOT use this if we can't block people from following us.


There is a Block Feature - see https://www.duolingo.com/comment/2373089. I tested it and it works.


This does not answer your question directly, but if you go to Settings (mouse over your own picture in the top right corner), then Privacy, you can unckeck 'Make my account public'. This will make it so other people are not able to find your account and follow you, as well as unenroll you from the public leaderboards. Useful for people who are creeped out by the thought of strangers following them or their children.


Does this just stop people from following your or remove all current followers as well. I was mainly interested in opting out of leaderboards. I'd like to know exactly what this privacy function entails.


Note that you have to do this from the site. The Privacy button and the settings icon on a friend/follower's profile is not in the app.


Yes!! I have people I don't know following me!!!


I would like for my brother to quit following me. It's quite annoying that he follows me.


What medal are you guys in? I'm in Gold, no doubt I'll be in the next one soon though.

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