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typing Spanish accents on English laptop

September 22, 2012



If you use Firefox you can install the abcTajpu add-on. then you just type a' and hit insert and it changes to á. Likewise n~ turns into ñ and u: becomes ü and c, becomes ç, etc... Very handy once you get used to it. Also, assuming you're checking interactive websites other than duolingo, you could get DictionarySwitcher, which changes your spell check to whatever language you choose.


I just got that little accent program justome posted and it works great!


The easiest way I have found to do it is to install the little bit of software from onehour programming (virus free, well established). All you have to do is hit the cap lock key with whatever letter you want and presto you have the letter with the correct accent. The website is: http://www.onehourprogramming.com/spanish-accents/


justome, Thanks for posting this. This solution works with Duolingo online [I'm using it for Spanish only] and replaces the need to use the mouse for accented letters. It is simple to use and effective.


If you're on windows, you can enable both spanish and english on your laptop, and then press alt+shift to switch between keyboards.


Why stop there? Get the spanish language pack for windows. every little bit helps :)


thanks for those suggestions! Looks like you need Windows Enterprise or Ultimate to use the language packs. I'll try to caps lock program!


And if you're on a mac, of course, it's all built in. To type an é you just type option+e, then e. For an á you type option+e, then a. Play around with the keyboard. Almost everything you need is on there. Option+c is ç. Option+n, n is ñ.

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