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Special Alphabates

i think learning french is not that much tough i can easily speak the sentences but i'm confused with french alphas,how should i speak that word which have french alphas and whenever i have to write something i don't even have those alphas in my keyboard please help me to identify these type of words and how should i write french with my us keyboard..

October 16, 2014



I think it may depend on which language your keyboard is normally set to, Soniya. For me, control alt e = é, control alt a = á but I have trouble getting the grave accent. The best thing is probably to google your keyboard and see if you can find shortcuts that way - otherwise you have to copy/paste the special characters for the French use of the alphabet.


I used a tool called "Microsoft Keyboard Layout Creator 1.4" to create a keyboard layout that suites my needs. Meaning I am still using my standard keyboard, but I have used Alt+ctrl often to add additional characters, that my native language doesn't have like æ,œ,ø,å,ç and I use the accent key for all the accents é,è,á,à etc. and I use alt+ctrl and accent key for ¨ . But as Luscinda said there is the "easy accent" setting which allows you to write certain accented letters with just the alt+ctrl option. I switched it off to use my own keyboard layout.


thanks buddies ...i think it will help me for sure... i wanna give u guys my lingots for ur tips but i'm sorry i dont have tht much... Merci !

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