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"I watch television every day."

Translation:Ik kijk iedere dag televisie.

October 16, 2014



Waroom niet kijk naar?


I am still having trouble determing sentence structure. Why is the sentence "Ik kijk iedere dag televisie" instead of "Ik kijk televisie iedere dag"?


If you specify the time with 'altijd', 'nooit', 'soms', 'iedere dag', etc., it comes as early as possible behind the conjugated verb. Sometimes a small word can slip in between the two if it's not avoidable, though, like in 'Kijk JE elke dag tv?' en 'Ik kijk ER elke dag naar'.


isn't "ik kijk naar de televisie" also the correct way to watch the telly in Dutch?


This is quite hard to explain, but I'll give it a try. I think this is because when you say 'ik kijk naar de televisie' you would more or less say you're 'looking' at the television, as in the object. Whereas if you say 'ik kijk televisie' you're are watching tv, as in watching programs on the televisions and not observing the television as an object. Though it is not necessarily wrong in my opinion to say 'ik kijk naar de televisie' and I am a native..


But in another sentence it's "kijken naar een film", isn't it?


Is it quite flexible - so can it be also ik kijk televisie iedere dag?


yes, that's correct too


When is "ieder" used?


Ieder/iedere = every

See this explanation when to use the -e at the end.

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