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"Ghlanamar an teach sular tháinig siad."

Translation:We cleaned the house before they came.

October 16, 2014



If I remember correctly, roimh is used with nouns (roimh bhricfeasta/roimh an mbricfeasta), sula with present tense (sula dtagann siad), sular with past tense (sular tháinig siad).


I came here to ask the difference. Thanks for that!


Nothing upsets mother more, than guests popping in and seeing the house looking like it always does. :)


Cad é na dífriochta idir sula agus sular? http://www.daltai.com/discus/messages/13510/50147.html?1265659245 http://www.irishgaelictranslator.com/translation/topic50469.html

Tá sé sin an fregair!

Agus ceist eile- cad é an difriul idir riomh agus sular? http://www.irishgaelictranslator.com/translation/topic88222.html

Ceapann go bhfuil siad níos easca le fhoglaim anois!


Regarding sula vs. sular, look at Lughaidh’s post in your first link and Redwolf’s post in your second link. Regarding riomh vs. sular, look at Tiarnan2’s post in your third link.


I believe both of you meant to write roimh...


I think "we had cleaned the house" is more correct than "we cleaned", but it's not accepted (I've reported it though). Or does Irish have some other form for past perfect tense, which is used in different situations than English?

PS. I'm not a native English speaker.


The Past Perfect isn't really used in Irish, but the structure Bhí an teach glanadh againn is used, and might be a better if you actually needed to use a perfect construction.

But this is the simple past, and "we had cleaned the house" isn't necessary and isn't "more correct".


It's colloquially acceptable, of course, but definitely NOT correct; not if you're a proper grammar Nazi.

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