"I am biking to the capital."

Translation:Ik ben naar de hoofdstad aan het fietsen.

4 years ago



that's a hard one

4 years ago


I agree. But I just put. Ik fiets naar de hoofdstad. It is correct also.

3 years ago


why wouldn't it be: "ik fiets naar de hoofdstad toe?" When do you use the toe and when can it be omitted?

1 year ago

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What does 'aan het fietsen' literally translate to? i understand that it means 'biking' but i've been on a couple of websites to learn on, like Memrise, LanguageZen, and they've given me two perspectives to look at the translation to either Meaning or Literal Meaning.

For example in Spanish 'Estoy con él y ella' would Mean 'i am with him and her'

In the Literal Meaning it would be 'i am with he and she', you see?

They're quite different and mean the same thing so that's why i was wondering what it Literally translates to.

For me i have to think of 'aan het zwemmen' as 'on it to swim'/'on it swims'/'on it swimming' or '(i am) on it' because i learned 'aan' means 'on', 'het' means 'it', and 'zwemmen' means 'to swim'/'swims', you know? I find it quite strange but it's still fun and i love learning about it

1 year ago
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