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  5. "Nós achamos o carro."

"Nós achamos o carro."

Translation:We find the car.

June 18, 2013



I'm confused! I just learned achar was 'to think'


This is another meaning =)


is this different than encontrar?


What's the difference between achar and encontrar?


Is this just a practice sentence or would it mean: "We have found the car" or "We will find the car"

"We find the car" isn't really used in English anymore other than very formally; perhaps a TV presenter discussing a car he has been observing for a few days: "Today we find the car covered in mud"


That's not true. We use the simple present all the time, when relaying stories or anecdotes, when telling jokes, when presenting hypotheticals, when proposing a plan of action, when discussing a habitual activity, etc. It's not at all rare or formal.


When i saw that sentence i thought the english translation would be "we (have) found the car" once many verbs in simpe present and past are conjugated the same way in the 1st plural person (we). That would make more sense...


Is the pronunciation of "o", /o/ in IPA or "aw" (the backwards c in IPA)? Because I've heard both...

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