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timed practice sentence length suggestion

sometimes in the time practice I'll get a sentence that is so long it would take 30 seconds to type it out in my own language. Is it possible to filter out some of the longer sentences in timed practice, or maybe even make it so that you start off with short words and then build up to longer sentences if you have a good bank of time building? That would help a lot. Thanks!

June 18, 2013


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Agreed. On a recent timed practice I was asked to translate into German: "Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday, and Sunday are the days of the week". If I remember rightly you get 7 extra seconds per correct sentence, so to make that one pay off, I'd have to type at 120 words per minute. This is not something that most of us can manage (especially when using a less familiar keyboard layout).

I think it's a neat idea to only throw in the long sentences when there's an adequate time buffer. If I'm nearing the end of the practice with 50 seconds to spare, I don't mind burning a few of them...


I have had the same thought about starting out with shorter things and building up. Whether I get all the way through a timed practice often depends a great deal on the order in which the exercises appear.


I'd even go for timer pauses while typing. At times it seems more like a typing speed contest than a learning tool.


I agree. I just posted a discussion to http://www.duolingo.com/#/comment/535434 but as @pont has just pointed out, you are already discussing the same issue here.

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