"The week"


October 16, 2014

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I lost a heart for not using a nuqta.


Recently we got a new feature in the Incubator that enabled us to make the nuqtas for क/ख/ग/ज/फ optional and to show a typo message if a user missed the nuqta for ड/ढ (as they are mandatory in the case of these two letters). But there seems to be a bug in the system, so that the user is being marked wrong if he/she misses any nuqta. We've reported this to the Duolingo team, and they are doing their best to fix the problem. Please bear with us till then. :)


uh......what is a nuqta?


A nuqta is a dot that comes under some Hindi alphabets like क़, ख़, ग़, ज़, ड़, ढ़, फ़.



Oh. That. What does it add to the meaning/pronunciation of the alphabet?


It donesnt affect pronouncation, nukta is basically used in the hindi words which are basically not actually hindi words they can be arabic, parsian, urdu, english etc


there is one another word for week is सप्ताह


Yes सप्ताह is actual hindi word of week

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