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Always The Same Questions On Strengthen Skills

I wasn't really sure were to post this. Anyway, I am taking my time to go through the tree. I don't really want to rush through it and not learn anything. This means that I only really do one lesson a week, probably less than that. Instead I prefer to do Strengthen Skills every day. The biggest problem is, I am constantly getting the same questions. This is not a new thing. It seems that I have to answer the same questions all of the time for about 4 months before I get any new ones. I am so sick of the same questions. Before I do a practice I already know what I will be asked a lot of the time. This means I immediately skip these questions as soon as they come up. I know that I can do more lessons, which would make the practice change. But I don't want to rush. I also know that I can go on a specific topic and strengthen skills that way. There are so many though, that is surely why the practice feature exists! I am half way through the tree so there is a lot for the practice feature to choose from. Whenever I get a question I am not expecting, I find it difficult. Are others having this problem too? I think this feature is something that the Duo staff should look at if lots of people are as annoyed as I am. EDIT: For some reason my enter button is not making more paragraphs. Sorry if this is difficult to read.

October 16, 2014

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I'm not sure what the algorithm is for deciding what you need to be practicing, globally; but it is evidently not drawing only from your performance: some topics seem to be weighted differently, as being harder or needing more practice.

I think that for your aim, you should be choosing the skill you want to strengthen, and strengthen those skills one at a time. Is that what you are doing, sometimes?

For example, I open Dutch Possessives in a new tab. I do that for each of the skills I want to strengthen. I race the clock to get 20 correct if I can. Then I go to the next tab. I aim to keep every skill gold. Is that your technique, too?

I agree, the same questions can be tiresome. It is particularly tiresome if I am being asked to formulate answers in English, instead of the target language. At first I needed that, but after a while it's a drag. If that's happening using the method I've described, I think you are probably going too slowly through the tree, for your interest level.


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