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Curious if others are experiencing these sound bugs

When the new sound effects were introduced into the browser version of Duolingo, I mentioned in that thread that I was experiencing some bugs, and I think at least one person said they were noticing the same thing, so I'm curious if this is experienced by many users, and I'm also hoping it can be fixed.

The problem I get, usually at least once or twice per lesson or practice, is that a listening comprehension exercise comes up and the audio doesn't play automatically, nor does it play if I press the button. However, I can play the slow version of the audio, so usually I can still proceed. This can be frustrating in timed practice, though, and also because in French the liaisons aren't heard in slow audio.

Also, when this happens in timed practice, the timer appears to stop during that exercise. When I move onto the next exercise, it is clear that the timer did not actually stop, as it updates to show the correctly elapsed time.

Finally, sometimes when I finish a whole unit, the extra unit-finishing trumpet sound doesn't play, so perhaps that's related.

I will note that I usually use Duolingo in the current Safari browser on the current Mac OS, in French.

June 18, 2013



I've had problems similar to the ones you describe, but only when using Duolingo through an unreliable internet connection.


I use google chrome, and never had any problems. Even though I don't have good connection

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