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Submitting Sentences for Everybody

Can we start submitting sentences to be approved for everyone for use in lessons soon?. Maybe focusing upon a specific sentence structure or even an individual word... I did ask for this way back when we were in beta and I was told that it would happen in the future, but they never got around to it...

Example: I would submit "The quick brown fox jumps over the lazy dog.", Luis approves it (and maybe also adds more acceptable translations), and then everyone practices it...

Hope this idea sounds good with everyone else. This would really help the community grow stronger and I anticipate it would also increase the effectiveness of learning the languages.

I realize there would also be a mass quantity of sentences submitted and as a result there would be less discussion and advice on each one... Maybe there could be some kind of algorithm which gives you some sentences which are used very frequently and some which are not..

June 18, 2013



I feel like this is how they are going to make that "User Languages" option that everyone refers to in each discussion about new languages >.<


I like the idea, but I think it is difficult to match the sentences with the level of progress on the skill tree. You would have to make sentences that only use the vocabulary up until a certain point, at which the sentence would pop up in practice. Maybe this should better become a new category in immersion?


Maybe Luis could give us criteria. It would help to have as wide of a variety of sentences as we can to practice with. Sure "My bear drinks beer." has made me laugh almost every time; maybe we could be writing those sentences too. Maybe my ducks like a bit of alcohol too, or maybe they also like spaghetti (new word).


I really like this suggestion.


I think this will come when they add the update allowing people to add their own languages.. Possibly it would be added to the current languages too.. have to see :)


Le renard brun rapide... ;)


I would like sentences that comprise conversations that we can expect to have. Discussing the beverage habits of wild animals is low on my list expected discussion topics.


Sure, but you've learned how to say "My [noun] drinks beer" and you get the word for bear in a memorable sentence that you probably won't forget right away!


True, but that's only because my bear drinks beer and likes to eat strawberries in the first place that I have it memorized so well.


That's true, but they do help..


This isn't about the beverage habits of wild animals. The main post is about something completely different.


Great idea! I would think it better to narrow it down to specific "skills" from the start: click on the appropriate skill, add sentence, translation and alternate translations (needed in both languages so it can be used for all types of exercises). Rather than have loads of new sentences needing lots of work to filter/translate/test, have people think a little harder on something that will be closer to be directly usable.

Letting these entries be up'd and down'd in the way of discussions posts and you might have a handy, duolingo-team-time-inexpensive way of adding content to lessons. And frankly, a more efficient way of gathering input about lesson quality, as I would expect that you'd find yourself with more people trying to submit sentences in what they felt are weaker parts of the skill tree...


Hey I like your idea. You mentioned the word "algorithm" Are you a developer?

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