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Halloween "Bonus Skill" for Portuguese

Hey guys! Since VStarTraveler created a small vocabulary of Halloween related words and their Spanish translation (and, following this, lots of other lists in other languages were created; you can check it here: https://www.duolingo.com/comment/4956460), and I noticed that nobody created a list in Portuguese yet, I decided to create it :). Even though we don't have a strong tradition with Halloween here in Brazil (actually, no tradition at all), I thought it'd be useful for people learning Portuguese and curious about this. Sooooo, here it goes :)

Apparition -- a aparição

Bag -- a bolsa

Black cat -- o gato preto

Blood -- o sangue

Bones -- os ossos

Brain -- o cérebro

Broom -- a vassoura

Broomstick -- o cabo da vassoura

To carve -- esculpir (I think it's the best translation - I may be wrong, however)

Coffin -- o caixão

Costume -- a fantasia

Crow -- o corvo

Demon -- o demônio

Devil -- o diabo

Eyeballs -- os globos oculares ("os olhos" may be more suitable, though)

Ghost -- o fantasma

Goblin -- o duende

Goodies -- os doces / os bombons (made of chocolate) / as guloseimas

Gravestone -- a lápide

Graveyard -- o cemitério

Halloween -- Halloween / o Dia das Bruxas

Haunted house -- a casa assombrada / a casa mal-assombrada

Jack-o'-Lantern -- o Jack-Lanterna / a lanterna de abóbora

Lollipop -- o pirulito

Mask -- a máscara

Monster -- o monstro

Mummy -- a múmia

Pumpkin -- a abóbora

To scare -- assustar

Scary -- assustador

Skeleton -- o esqueleto / caveira (quite informal, but it's still popularly used)

Skull -- o crânio / a caveira

Slime -- o lodo / o limo

Spider -- a aranha

Spider web -- a teia de aranha

Spooky -- fantasmagórico

Trick or Treat -- Doces ou Travessuras!

Vampire -- o vampiro

Werewolf -- o lobisomem

Witch -- a bruxa

Zombie -- o zumbi / o morto-vivo

That's it guys, I hope you enjoy it :) If you find any mistakes, let me know. Also, if you want to contribute to the list, feel free to add your suggestions!

October 17, 2014



Thank you for the list. I see you translate "Halloween" as "Halloween" although "Dia das Bruxas" seems popular too. This list agrees with "esculpir" and adds a few more words:


According to this Wikipedia article: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Saci_day the 31st October has also been designated "Saci day" (O Dia do Saci) in Brazil and this video from PortuguesePod101 talks a little about the celebration of Saci day and Halloween in Brazil: http://youtu.be/z0jEAElS02M (more here: https://youtu.be/6Ttegh-3UkU).

PortuguesePod101 also provide a Halloween word list with pictures and audio:


Clicking "Autoplay" shows/says the words one-by-one from "osso" to "Bu!".


Thanks for your links, they are very useful! You're right, I totally forgot about Dia das Bruxas lol But I added it as an alternative translation for Halloween, since yeah, it's pretty common. And about Dia do Saci, well, to be honest I've never heard about it before, I guess it's not really common in the state where I live. But well, from what I've seen in these links you shared, it seems pretty cool. More people should know about this, since our folklore is full of "scary" and "haunted" beings and stories, such as the Saci and many others. Thanks again! :)


what a great word for pumpkin: a abóbora, I LOVE it !!! Muito obrigada!!!


This is perfect! I will be spending Halloween in Rhode Island and Connecticut with many Brazilians and Portuguese. Maybe some from the Azores.


Wouldn't you also say bombons as a translation for goodies? And what about adding the words skull, brain, eyeballs, blood, slime and scary/spooky? :D


Yes, I guess "bombons" would be a translation for goodies :) Thanks for the suggestions, I've added them to the list ^^

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  • Casa assombrada - You can also say "casa mal assombrada" (it's basically the same as "casa assombrada", it just keeps the "evil" part explicit).

  • o jack lanterna is funny.....never heard it. I'd probably call it just "lanterna" or "abóbora (pumpkin)", "lanterna de abóbora" (but I'm comung up with these now, since I really don't know a popular name)

  • Caveira is a popular word that refers not precisely to one part of the skelleton. It might be used for skull and also for the entire skelleton. If you want to be clear, say "crânio" (head of the skelleton)

  • Prefer "teia de aranha" if you are not referring to the spider.


Well I remember hearing "Jack Lanterna" in dubbed cartoons when I was a kid hahaha but yeah it's difficult to come up with a name for this. I'll add "lanterna de abóbora" though. About "caveira" yes, you're right, I'm changing it too (actually it came to my mind how "Summoned Skull" was transleted to "Rei Caveira" in dubbed Yu-Gi-Oh lol). Thanks for the suggestions! :)


The Tropa de Elite films make lots of references to "caveiras" and the BOPE badge features a knife driven through a skull: muito assustador!

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