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  5. "Tuesday is a weekday."

"Tuesday is a weekday."

Translation:Tirsdag er en hverdag.

October 17, 2014



So, I thought I was going to be confused by this, since the very first time I saw this I immediately assumed Thursday (which is torsdag). But it actually makes perfect sense, if you know the etymology. Tuesday is Týr's day (or Tiw in Old English), and Thursday is Thor's day.

Týr's day = tirsdag
Thor's day = torsdag


Another way to remember is to know that Tuesday goes before Thursday and "i" goes before "o".


Ugedag means 'day of the week' unlike hverdag meaning 'everyday' i.e. workday Mon-Fri.


mmm... If i translate ´ugedag´ with google translate, it gives ´weekday´


Is it correct to say "Tirsdag er hverdag"?


Almost. You just need "en" before hverdag because Tuesday is just one of several weekdays, not the only one.


mit svar var :" tirsdag er en ugedag", for hvis det var en helligdag kan man ikke sige at tirsdag er en hverdag, men stadig godt sige at "tirsdag er en ugedag" eller "tirsdag er en dag i ugen"


jansamu har allerede forklaret dit svar, ovenfor. Han sagde: "Ugedag means 'day of the week' unlike hverdag meaning 'everyday' i.e. workday Mon-Fri."

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