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"Chi costruirà il famoso centro commerciale?"

Translation:Who will build the famous shopping mall?

October 17, 2014



Kind of a strange question because 'who will build' indicates that it is not built yet, and the sentence indicates that it will be a famous mall. How could it be known it will be famous if it isn't built yet?


Perhaps it's sarcasm: "who will build the famous shopping mall that the council has been talking about for the last thirty years?"


Perhaps it is not famous because it is popular (as it can't even be so), but because of the event happening at the construction(?) or around the very plan of building that shopping mall(?)... Imagine a corruption scandal or something like that (but maybe then it wouldn't be famous but infamous...)


Thanks. In that light I can see why it could be famous (or infamous!) before it is built.


That would be "infamous" rather than famous.

"fame" requires the test of time after something exists. This sentence makes no sense, unless "famoso" means something different from "famous"


Maybe the structure is not famous, but people are waiting for someone to build the project in town for a long time.


Ho pensato la stessa cosa


I have learnt that in Italian the futur tense also is used to express something indefinite, supposed or a wonder. I wonder who is supposed to build this famous shopping center? It's unclear to me.


If the proposed mall was reported on endlessly in the news then it could be famous even before being built. This is a not uncommon phenomenon, actually. Talk of costs, architects, what services and goods will be offered, how many Starbucks it will have ... etc. ;-)


agreed. we have exactly that situation in my city


Can a place be famous before it is built?


Indeed. Good question!


Strange use of future tense. Obviously a government project and they have declared it will be famous so that's it.


"trade center" why is not accepted?!


I think that would more properly be "centro commerciale" or "centro industriale"?


how can a commercial center (or any edifice ) be famous if it hasnt been built yet???? ridiculous sentence.


See Anthony659225 above;though to nitpick it would not be the 'mall' itself but its proposal or potential


I turned to my husband, who's sitting behind me, and asked, "Conosci il famoso centro commerciale?" and he responded, "No. Non mi hanno mai invitato." :-P


Can you have a famous shopping centre before it is built?


See previous posts in this discussion, especially xyphax's.


Shopping centre is a more usual term in the UK. Shopping mall is more common in the USA

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