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An alternative to losing heart.

So you make to the last question and you are all out of hearts. Palms sweating, hands shaking, if you get this wrong, it's right back to the start again. The answer gets serious consideration and you give it your best shot. You hover over the submit button and double check it. Then bam! You notice that missing letter or slightly misspelt word. But it's too late, back to the start. The despair! It's all I can do not to punch the monitor sometimes.

So here is my suggestion. Instead of using hearts, why not just extend the lesson by a number of questions? So, for example, if you get a question wrong, you get a couple more questions added to the test. That way, you still feel that you are progressing and you can still see the end of the lesson in sight. When you have to restart, it feels like you have lost everything. Anyone else feel like this?

October 17, 2014



There are a lot of possibilities but Duo has decided to use the well known gaming strategy of giving you three lives. And they even allow you to buy a heart refill (an extra life) for just those situations you mention above.

Think of it not as a dissaster but an opportunity to practice that difficult manouver again. Soon you will find you are passing with all three hearts and feeling much more confident in your chosen language, which, of course is the whole point of the exercise. Don't try to reinvent the wheel, just accept that occasionally they get punctured.


Good reply Pete.

I just get a little frustrated sometimes with having to start from scratch. Swearing at the monitor does help.
The new daily coaching objective feature is good though. Although, having it cranked up to insane means my daily streak is more difficult to maintain.


Most of us have been there, that sinking feeling just before submitting the last answer when down to your last life. But it does get better.

I was so bad that I decided to go back to square 1 and not to move on until I could pass each lesson twice with full hearts and it certainly helped me and i increased my hoard of lingots incredibly. I have'nt failed a lesson for ages. I occasionaly loose a life usually due to my stupidity (like spelling signore as senore) but with a little care I usually pass with full hearts.


Good on ya Pete. I've been struggling to keep the tree golden. So maybe I'll have a crack at your approach.


My wish has come true. Thank you Duolingo for an early Christmas present. ~does a happy dance~

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