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"The old lady has a pain in her back."

Translation:Den gamle dame har ondt i ryggen.

October 17, 2014



Why not i sin ryg?


I wonder that also. Google translate seems to agree.


Google Translate is by no means reliable though. In Danish, it is usual to take a simple definite instead of a possessive pronoun when talking about someone's body parts. Therefore, 'ryggen' is preferable over 'sin ryg' here.

[deactivated user]

    What is the difference between ''smerte'' and ''ondt''?


    The "her" in "her back" needs no equivalent in Danish?


    It's fairly common to use the definite suffix when it's more obvious who the thing belongs to in Danish


    One note says that in Danish it's common to use the definite article with a body part, but some exercises here use the possessive. What makes the difference?

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