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"She was not asking for anything."

Translation:Hun bad ikke om noget.

October 17, 2014



So it's "spurgte efter", but "bad om"? I tried "spurgte om" and it was not accepted


That's right. I confirmed it with my Danish wife.


Ugh ... why is "hun bad om intet " no accepted is beyond me. I get it, the english was literally "Hun bad ikke om noget", but they both mean the same thing and both practice "bad" ... ugh this course.


one year later and i wrote the same as you did because the hints said so but: still no correction by duo of the WRONG HINTS...


What is the difference between spurgte and bad? Can someone give an example when to use one or the other? Tak.


at spørge means to ask, at bede means to pray for. I think to pray for something sounds a bit stronger than to just ask for something, so guess that is the big difference. Good answers to this question are: Han BAD ikke OM noget. or han SPURGTE ikke EFTER noget.


I have just read the sentence:
Jeg spurgte dig om du spiste mit aeble.
Can somebody please help me out of confusion?


Why do the "hints" say "intet" when it is not used in the sentence? Duolingo's cruel joke perhaps?


Would it definitely be wrong to use ingenting here?

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