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"The art from the Golden Age is the most expensive."

Translation:De kunst uit de Gouden Eeuw is het duurste.

October 17, 2014



Why DE kunst and HET duurste? Is the second article not refering to kunst too? Please somebody explain!


I think it should be: "de kunst (...) is de duurste" or "de kunst (...) is het duurst", because the first sentence could be completed: "de kunst uit de Gouden Eeuw is de duurste kunst." In this case there is gender congruence between the subject and the subject attribute. The second sentence can't be completed, but I can't explain why (I'm a native speaker, but haven't studied the language).


Duolingo accuses me of having a typo in this answer: "De kunst uit de Gouden Eeuw is het duurst". => should be "duurste" instead. Actually, this is the other way around, cf. "Eerlijkheid duurt het langst".


Why uit and not van?


The use of prepositions depends on the context. Even for languages as close as Dutch and English they often cannot be translated 1:1, also see this explanation.

Uit is used because it is about a time period. In this kind of context van is used to express ownership or the creator:

Het schilderij van Van Gogh uit zijn vroege periode is nu van het Kröller-Müllermuseum. = The painting by Van Gogh from his early period is now owned by the Köller-Müller Museum.


Should be 'duurst'


No, both het duurst and het duurste are correct: http://taaladvies.net/taal/advies/vraag/106

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