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Some minor issues

Hey - this app is awesome but these are some of the issues I have experienced. I dare say that you may know about them already but just in case...

1) A completed unit regularly doesn't register immediately on my iOS app. 2) The playback buttons will occasionally become muted/non-functional in the middle of a unit (iOS). 3) I don't usually use DL on my computer but I just tried and although I could record and playback a sentence on a speaking question I was unable to "check" it. 4) One time the spoken sentence did not match the written sentence in an English translation question (iOS)... but that was only one time.

June 18, 2013



Hey! Most of the issues you describe should be fixed. What version of the app are you using? Can you make sure you have the latest version installed (1.3.2)?


Hi, according to the feedback email I am using 1.3.26 on iPhone4 GSM, iOS 6.1.3. I don't know if it makes a difference or not but I am located in Thailand.

Thanks, and thanks again for the fantastic learning tool. ^_^

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