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Let's Rank Day Streak

Daystreak is so far an incredible idea. I wonder if Duolingo could set ranks based on Day Streak in addition to Point. It would be very motivating. Thanks

June 18, 2013



Maybe this is sort of what you mean, but something showing your longest streak would be nice, even if you've broken that streak. :)


In addition to Day Streak it would be great if there a total number of days one has been actively learning i.e. days in which some practice has been done.


Nice idea! Thanks for the suggestion.


you can loose your streak over night for no reason. I did, and complained about it with no results. I had a 26 day streak and the next day it was reset to 0. It happened over the Labor day weekend. I am motivated because I want to study. I am going on a month vacation and I will loose the streak anyway. My interest and my desire to learn Spanish far more motivates me than a streak. Just my 2 cents!


Mine was pre-maturely reset as well.


I'm a regular here but I can't keep up with 24h slots I will miss them even if I'm on several times a week. I think my weekly streak though is pretty good.

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