Typos. They're killing me. I really think that the typos detection algorithm (or whatever fancy name you gave it) should be more flexible.

For example: if you type 'if' instead of 'of' you'll automatically lose a heart, regardless of how close the letters 'i' and 'o' are on the keyboard, you'll lose a heart because 'if' is an existing word.

I can give a more specific direction about where exactly can we improve it if needed.

October 17, 2014


The big problem with algorythms like this is that where the typo produces a valid, but incorrect, word how can you decide that it is a typo or just an incorrect answer?

There's already this problem as well actually. That's a point to think about while designing the algorithm, And that's why I gave this specific example - you can define letters that are close to one another on the keyboard, Google does it perfectly well.

I have the same ANNOYING PROBLEM

Well yea it's generally a bug.

i have notest they are some typos

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