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"The women will have decided not to try it."

Translation:De vrouwen zullen hebben besloten het niet te proberen.

October 17, 2014



'de vrouwen zullen het niet te proberen hebben besloten' - is that incorrect?


It is, try to decide is different from decide to try.

  • De vrouwen zullen niet proberen het te hebben besloten = The women will not try to have decided it
  • De vrouwen zullen het niet proberen = The women will not try it.


I used the word "om" but it didn't get accepted.


It should have been. It is better to insert 'om', although it is frequently not said when saying these sentences in an informal context


I used "de vrouwen zullen beslist hebben om het niet te proberen". Why was "beslist" and "om" not accepted?


Beslist is incorrect Dutch, besloten however is correct. Beslist can be correct when used in another context however, such as 'dit was beslist een goed idee'.


"Beslist" is actually correct and common in Belgium. As such, using "beslist" instead of "besloten" is perfectly fine. (see also: http://taaladvies.net/taal/advies/vraag/105/beslissen_te_besluiten_te/)


De vrouwen zullen het hebben besloten om niet te proberen. Is it also correct?

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